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Friday, October 15, 2010

Cautious Optimisim

Well, it has been a solid month since I have stopped taking the 50mg daily of Sprycel.  As time goes by, I am beginning to feel better than I have felt in a very long time.  One little bump in the road, which had nothing to do with stopping the TKI, was a bit of a nasty flu in the past couple of weeks, but I am feeling much better.  

Yesterday I had my one month check up with my Doctor.  Hopefully we will get the FISH and PCR results within a week or two.  While I realize that we cannot base anything on CBC’s and blood chemistry reports, I have to say that my results from yesterday’s blood draw has me quite happy.  While I continue to be a little bit anemic, the most important part is that when I look at my mean Hemoglobin and mean cell hemoglobin concentration they are completely normal, and this has never been the case for me.  Additionally, my Eosinophils are in the low end of the normal range – which just may prove the point for me that I have been making all along.... I AM ALLERGIC TO TKI’s!  Actually, I am allergic to CML, but that is an entire different story ;-)

As for my White Blood cells, they are low at 3.4, but I would expect that as I had injected the Peg INF on Monday night.  I switched to injecting on Monday night as the next two weekends I am traveling for business...

For now, I am as the title of this post suggest, cautiously optimistic that this just might be working.  Why not?  It has done the trick for well over 100 patients in Europe so far, so why not me?

I have a few thoughts that I will be sharing via this blog in the next week or two, so stay tuned.  As well, I will post as soon as I have the FISH and PCR results.

Anonymously Yours,

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